@wall-e: Afraid for my life
@wall-e: @MadelynBlitz I'm Wallace Montgomery east and I love Madelyn.
@wall-e: @MadelynBlitz I'm a little drunk and I need you now.
@wall-e: @MadelynBlitz I hate you
@wall-e: @bendahmanoliver can you imagine our lives as strippers. The marvelous adventures of Wallace and Ben the StRiPpErS.

2 many 2 count srry

@rogerrabbit: @WallaceEast looking lovely. pic.twitter.com/1GWiBz89
@madelynblitz: @WallaceEast you were in my dream last night omG it was great there were like dinosaurs and shit like Idek it was weird
@lylebeamer: @WallaceEast Babe, just. You know you're the only one for me.
@rogerrabbit: gross.

Everybody talks Everybody talks, everybody talks everybody talks.

It started with a whisperrrr, that’s when I kissed herrrrrrr, everbody talks baaaaaaabe

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